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Cyber Tips – Leaving Quietly

When you find a site which supports Hate Speech you leave.  You leave because you don’t want to be daubed with the dirty brush.  You don’t want your name, even your nick name associated with such a site.  

As I’ve said before, whomever is in charge of a site is responsible. And when the Advertisers are informed and pull back, the Site collapses.

When you are on a site, whether there’s hate speech or bullying or anything you don’t feel comfortable with, just leave.

Don’t have a big announcement, don’t explain, just don’t log on.  No one is going to notice.

The Administration of the site KNOWS the Hate Speech is there and SUPPORTS IT.    There is no way for an Administrator NOT to be responsible for what is on the site.  

What would the Admin say?   Yes, I’m in charge of this site, but I don’t read what is published here?


What do you think?

Written by jaylar


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