Curiosity Stream

Okay Doc, you got me. You have been talking so much about streaming and today,  I started a trial for curiosity stream! I am quite enjoying the content because I am learning things I didn’t even know I was curious about! I am afraid I could get really hooked and perhaps learning something new every day, would be a great habit to create.

Does anyone here have  Curiosity Stream?

I have only watched one episode and I picked a random one that I really had no interest in. Still, I learned some interesting things. I will at least keep it through the trial period and see if the other members of my family like it.

I am really tired of ancient aliens. I know they have seen every episode multiple times and I still want one of the hosts to comb his hair! (Odd the things that bug you, right?)

Yes, the picture is a little misleading and I really liked it!


What do you think?

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