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I don’t blame my father when I say this, but I am a weather geek because of him. We always had a weather station or weather reporting system in the house growing up. Normally it was an indoor, outdoor temperatures and a barometric reading. I got hooked early.

That said, I know I have gone much further than my father. The reality of my weather geekiness is wholly on me at this point. Just saying I got started all those years ago by my father.

Recently I have added two distinct weather stations to my collection and in so doing have veered in a new direction. First, there is the wonderful Bloomsky system. Bloomsky was a crowdfunding campaign that has two distinct components.

  • Sky
  • Storm

The sky is the module that produces the time-lapse video I share on my Youtube Channel. Storm gives you rainfall, wind speed, and air quality readings. I have recommended the product to some people, and you can find it here on the web. Bloomsky and the other weather station I have deployed at home represents the new age Micro-Weather station. Where hundreds, thousand and more people deploy the weather stations and share their weather with others. Micro-Weather is the cool new way to share cool weather data!

NetATMO is the other connected weather station I have in the house. While Bloomsky offers Time-Lapse video of yesterday’s weather, NetATMO lets you place modules all over (it is a set of independent modules). Overall the two have the exceptional software and offer you the opportunity to find out exactly what the weather is, where you are.

There are many other weather stations on the market. The two I am currently using has come to pass over a long time. I had weather stations in my home for years. I find that the value of a weather station is as much knowing what is going on at home, when you are on the way home, as it is knowing what the weather is doing while you are home. The quality of the software and remote connection is a critical piece of weather station use for me.

Both Bloomsky and NetATMO have great software. NetATMO lets you have independent stations inside and outside your house. You can figure out why part of your house is warm and part is cool. Bloomsky offers that amazing time-lapse video. All-in-all they are two amazing products and a lot of fun to use!


What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

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