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Amazon Alexa will rectify disease from your voice

The day is not far when Amazon Alexa Assistant can only hear the sound, but identify nourishment, fever, cough and cold. In developing countries, Microsoft, Alexa and Amazon assistant handle the issues of homes, and follow the order on sound signals. For example Amazon’s Voice Assistant Alexa to reduce the coolness of Alexa AC.

According to analysts, Amazon has continued to improve its products and now the company has requested a new patent, Under which its special algorithms and artificial intelligence (artificial intelligence) estimate sound and transformation, In which soar throat , fever, flue, and cough.

So like, a doctor it can suggest you medicine or soup, but you have to decide the medicine. After patent, It can rectify hidden signs from your voice, like depression, sadness, boredom and happiness.Meanwhile, Alexa also feels respiratory fluorescence.

Alexa can identify Chines, Indian, British, American, Latin and Australian languages and accent. But remember that in case of sore throat, Alixa will also advertise syrup for sore throat and Amazon is very skilled in this case.

Based on patent Voice and sex can also be identify and this patent is named ‘Vice Base Determination of Physical and emotional characteristic of Users’. In voice, anger and fatigue and other feelings are hidden, which Alexa can easily identify with new technology.

A month ago, Amazon had presented an option called ”Whisper” In which you ask him something secretly in a silent environment, he also gives the answer in a lonely and slow voice.

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