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Alas, Poor Virily

There was a time when I’d wake up, post, pour a cup of coffee and reload and two or more articles by other people would have interceded between what I had posted and what I was now going to post.

Of course, that was long after I had joined and suffered the so-called Moderation.

Now I had joined somewhat happy that there was moderation.  This would prevent hate speech, ads pretending to be articles, and my long experience of writing sites, suggested it would be one of those quality sites.

My work would take between 24 and 72 hours to be published.  

I realised there was no moderation when I saw “THE ASSIGNATION OF JFK”.

It was clear all that was done was DELAY.  

The Delay got worse and worse until a month went by when nothing I submitted would be posted.

Then I was moved up to the ‘Verified’ category.

There was no Moderation,  hate speech blossomed, Ads pretending to be articles raged.

Some folks were trying to contact the Administration to no effect.

As time passed I noticed less and less people posting.

I’d post, have my coffee, still be the first article.  Go to the supermarket, come back, still be the first article.

Two, three, four hours, and no one else posted.

I like the site.  It has a nice look, and could be a top site.  

But,  the neglect has proven fatal.


What do you think?


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