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Advantages and Disadvantages of a Blog

One of the best things about a blog is that you can have a close relationship with the visitors by having a two-way communication. It will not be so with a website.

A few benefits of a blog:

  1. You get help from your visitor’s posts when it comes up to making your website interesting and fill it with good quality content.
  2. You get to know what they feel about your posts, topics, and the way you write, what they like and do not like. This in turn can provide valuable guidance for you as to what to write or help write.
  3. You can get inspiration and ideas that you might never have received otherwise.
  4. By having the so called trackbacks enabled, you can encourage others to tell about your blog.

Observably, a blog involves its disadvantages too as mentioned below:

  1. You can hardly cope without spam filters. A blog full of worthless comments and unnecessary links is very boring.
  2. Should we pass link command or not (no-follow or do-follow?) With do-follow thanks to your visitors who bother to write posts. However, it requires some kind of Captcha function (ie where you write some scribbled characters in a box), otherwise attract it to spam. One can also have a rule that the first three to five posts that someone writes are no-follow and one finds that there are messages having an important effect that can be switched on as do-follow for that particular visitor.

You should have a plan for what to blog about in a good period of time. Write on a regular basis or rather publish posts on a regular basis.

Write as many posts as possible right away if you have good inspiration. But save them and publish at your planned rate. By always having some posts in reserve you can keep your publishing schedule without getting stressed.


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