A Grandmother Being Old-Fashioned Became Viral in Google

Google is the best browser to use for people who love to surf the internet. The browser’s popularity became the part of people’s lives. It simply because all the answers are there and the accessibility is too easy to obtain. The uniqueness searching part cannot be denied that an old lady was able to capture the attention in searching Google browser because of being polite.

At the age of 86, a British granny was able to receive gratefulness from Google. You might not believe that she was able to search in the browser tagged along with “please” and “thank you” gestures. Her name May Ashworth became viral when the grandson took a snapshot of her laptop with the uncommon phrases in the search engine. In her browser, the type-written request of translating the Roman numerals MCMXCVIII and wanted to know it in modern-day numerals. Eventually, Ben John her grandson tweeted and being re-posted by the twitter members for more than 11,000 times.

The grandson had his way on BBC and need to share its story of his dear granny. Out of curiosity, he was able to ask why with the usage of “please” and “thank you”. The sweet granny thought that there is someone who takes all the searches on Google. As she claimed, the usage of pleasant gestures will make the searching of information quicker.

The actual message from Google UK expressed their gratitude to sweet granny: “In a world of billions of searches, yours made us smile.” “Oh, and it’s 1998.” “Thank YOU.” The 15 million followers ofGoogle Twitter account showed their appreciation with the warm message. It is so unexpected situation but definitely unforgettable for an old lady and the story will not end there. The story will be passed on from one generation to another and be treasured for the rest of their lives.

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