A Brief Review of a Few Browsers – Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer

Exploder arrived in ’95, coming pre-bloated on Windows. Those who didn’t know better used it.

As over 88% of Netizens used Internet Explorer in 2002 it was pretty easy to hack, crack and  otherwise destroy computers, because all one had to do to get ‘in’ was to hack I.E.

And I.E. was very hackable, glitchy, and pretty crummy.

Internet Explore’s share of the Market began to descend. In January of 2009,

Firefox had grabbed more market share, so that only 44.8% used I.E.;45.5% used Firefox.

By 2015 June only 7.1% of Netizens used I.E.

This prompted Microsoft to create ‘Edge’ by 2017. How it will fare is ‘ify’ at best.


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Written by jaylar