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5 Basic Components you need for Creating a WordPress Blog

Blogs are one of the Web platforms that have grown the most in recent years. Every day, hundreds of people begin their adventure to publish and share all kinds of content, knowledge and experiences on the Internet. Some do it as a hobby, without a specific purpose. Others want to monetize their efforts and earn money. Businesses do blogging for creating a better online presence and getting loyal customers. Whatever the case, WordPress is no doubt the best option for creating a blog.

What do you need to create a blog with WordPress?

Here are the basic and essential requirements:

Web Hosting for your blog

A web hosting account is where you can host all your information on the Internet and that is accessible to users. Without hosting, your articles and publications could only be viewed on your computer and would not be visible on the World Wide Web Internet. There are various types of hosting like VPS hosting, Shared hosting, Dedicated hosting and Cloud Hosting. In VPS hosting you can find types like cheap windows VPS hosting, linux VPS hosting, etc. Dedicated servers may also define types like budget dedicated servers, professional dedicated servers, game servers, etc.

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A suitable domain name

In addition to hosting, for your blog to be on the Internet you need a domain, which will be your unique identification on the Web. Domain examples:,,, etc. The cost of a domain is approximately $ 10 per year. I recommend you think carefully about the name you will choose, since once you buy it you cannot change it unless you choose a new one and you must start over from the beginning. The name will depend a lot on the purpose of your blog. If it is personal you can take your name or maybe you prefer to invent an attractive and easy to remember concept. Everything will depend on your needs. A good VPS hosting with a domain name can be the most affordable web hosting

A good blog configuration

Since you have your hosting and installation of WordPress in your domain, it’s time to configure it properly. This includes basic modifications such as users, date, email, internal SEO optimization, a quality template and everything necessary to start receiving traffic. An affordable windows VPS hosting can save you a lot of cash. Design, structure and optimization. These 3 words define this stage.

Awesome Content to spread your message

The most important pillar of any blog is the content. But not just any type of content, it is necessary to dedicate time and effort so that the information we publish is of quality and in truth helps the people of the market niche to which we are focused. On the Internet, there are thousands of blogs with “junk” content that does not contribute anything. If your plan is to be one of them, your results will not be as expected. Do not hesitate to spend time writing the best possible content. They can also be videos and audios. There are no limits!

Web traffic plan to get visitors and subscribers

The first weeks and months of your blog are complicated, since there is almost no web traffic or people consuming your publications. A fast VPS hosting will give you a good performing website. That is why you have to create a good traffic plan where you include the different sources of traffic that you will use in the future both in the short and long term.

Those can be:

  • Email marketing
  • SEO strategy
  • Paid traffic
  • Alliances

The important thing is to be consistent. It is useless to create a plan if it is not put into practice on a daily basis. Long-term focus is key here, since the results are not immediate.


This is the basic combination between tooling and planning needs to be able to start your WordPress blog. The most basic and essential is a hosting and a domain, but it is important to mention the rest because without that, the blog is not yet something that really works properly. Be clear about your goals and work every day to grow your blog and achieve the results you are looking for.


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Written by Eric Foley


  1. Thank you for sharing such an informative post. I started using Blogspot for my blog but eventually transferred to WordPress. It was a wise decision for me.