Knowing the Guidelines in Choosing the Cheap VPS Hosting Company

You might have often heard that if you want a good website and generate good business online, you cannot ignore your web hosting. It is important to know and understand how your web hosting has an impact on your website’s functionality.

Your website’s speed, security, loading time, strength (in terms of handling traffic), ranking in search engine (partially depends on your webhosting) and your website’s behavior are dependent on thw webhosting you opt for. Well, speed, security and performance is pretty much everything you expect of your website, don’t you?

Lately there has been a great shift to cheap VPS hosting from dedicated hosting, shared hosting and other hosting plans. VPS hosting i.e. Virtual Private Server hosting has been gaining popularity owing to its great features and security aspects. There are many web hosting companies which offer VPS hosting. If you are a newbie in this domain, there are high chances you get confused among all the providers that offer you services.

To end this confusion, here is a step by step guide on how to choose a web hosting service:

  • Managed hosting vs unmanaged hosting:VPS hosting gives you a lot of o[power in terms of customizing your own virtual server. When you take up VPS hosting, you can play around with it, change which ever setting you want to and allocate whichever resources you want to which ever entity you want. But with this freedom, comes great responsibility.There are two types of VPS hosting to choose from, managed and unmanaged. In a managed VPS hosting, the hosting service providers manage the control panels from their end. You can tell them whatever changes you need to make, they will do it for you.Then there is unmanaged VPS system, where the provider gives you a complete access to all the controls of the website. You are entitled to run your own hosting server. How do you decide? If you have a dedicated team to manage the server, or you are yourself a techie and have knowledge enough to maintain a server, nothing like unmanaged VPS hosting. But if, you are not aided with technological background, you should choose a managed VPS hosting.
  • The platform:Different VPS hosting is available which run on different environments. There is VPS hosting compatible for Windows and Linux separately. Window offers compatibility with most of your programs and on the other hand, a Linux based hosting has its own perks.How do you decide? Here the question is not what you want, but what is suitable for your current environment. You cannot migrate to a whole new platform while all your programs and software run on a different platform, you need to choose the type of hosting that suits your system the best.
  • Cloud based or the Conventional VPS hosting:A Conventional VPS hosting is basically a part of server in one big server. A huge server is sliced into smaller servers with dedicated resources. A cloud based VPS also has the same concept of slicing a big server into smaller servers but by the virtue of cloud, the Virtual server is a combination of many other servers from which the resources are drawn separately. How do you decide? This decision is completely based on the nature of your website. If flexibility and handling more traffic is your key requirement and have no cost to control, you can go for Cloud based VPS. While if you need to a basic web hosting, then go for a conventional web hosting.
  • Price: Price that you pay for the service you avail is the most critical aspect. It is not the matter of how many features you want, it is always about how many features you can afford!The obvious choice of the provider is the one who provides a cheap VPS hostingHow do you decide? Make a list of everything you require: RAM, storage space, CPU cores, c-panel, and frequency of the service you require. Ask the providers to send you a quote with all these specification. Uniformity in the specifications will help you analyze the quotes better than trying to figure out from their existing plans.
  • Customer support: All the rich features mean nothing if the provider is unable to give you a complete support. If there is any problem with the website, the issue needs to be fixed as soon as it arise. Delay in fixing the problem may lead to loose of potential customers, and also loose of reputation. Hence a full customer support is very essential. How do you decide? Always go for a provider which has a 24*7 dedicated support.

These guidelines will help you choose the right VPS hosting provider.


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Written by hiformance