4 Useful Things You Should Know About Facebook

We are all facing the fact that Facebook is becoming one of the top social networking websites of the 21st century. Everyone we know has created an account, and that’s now a modern way to communicate with people – through Facebook.

If you are a Facebook user, than you should know some useful things you can do on it. Sometimes there are a lot of annoying things we thought we couldn’t change, but no! There’s always a solution for everything, and if you’ve found yourself here than you’re about to solve a great equation!

1. Get rid of the “Seen” read receipt

Useful Things

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Sometimes you just don’t feel like you want to reply to Facebook messages, but those Seen receipts definitely ruin your live! If you don’t wan’t to make people feel like you’re ignoring them, than why don’t you disable the “Seen” option?

You can finally do this if you install Chat Undetected or download the Facebook Unseen Extension for Chrome.

2. Know the size of the Facebook Cover Photo

Cover Photo

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You can never find a photo that fits to the Facebook cover dimensions. Make sure to find a photo with the following dimensions: 851 x 315 pixels for a desktop, and 399 x 150 for Facebook Mobile.

3. Avoid causing drama around your “Relationship Status”

Relationship Status

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So all of a sudden you became single, and you want to update your relationship status? But when your Facebook friends see this, there’s definitely going to be a drama about your personal life. Avoid it by changing your privacy settings to Only Me in the About tab.

4. You can send money via Messenger

Messenger Money

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Yay! You can finally send money to your Facebook friends via messenger! You can pay your friends up to $10,000 per month! It’s similar to the PayPal or the Square Cash feature. Just click on the small $ icon in your Facebook chat window and send some money to your friends!




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