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University of Tennessee football player’s good deed goes viral

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University of Tennessee college football defensive back Garrett Johnson has made the good news segment of the social media rounds this week when Garrett was walking down the street in Knoxville Tennessee when he met a homeless man who had a hard time walking since his shoes were worn out.

Garrett who admits he did that never met the homeless man who goes by the name “Lala” before his chance to make a difference in our world.

Lala told Garrett that he needed some new shoes so he could walk in the streets once again pain free. Garrett was moved by the troubled time Lala was going through.

Garrett told Lala who in the company of another homeless man whose did not want to reveal his identity that he would be back shortly. What Garrett did not tell Lala and the other homeless man that he was going to them something they needed.

Garrett most likely went to a local shoe store to buy two pairs of sneakers. One pair would be given to Lala and the second pair would go to the second homeless man.

Garrett returned to the same venue where he met Lala and the second homeless man in about 15 minutes. Garrett presented Lala and the second homeless man  a pair of sneakers.

Lala was very happy that Garrett presented him with a pair of new sneakers “free of charge” in Garrett’s own words.

The second homeless man refused the offer of the free sneakers from Garrett for reasons that remain a mystery.

What Garrett did not know is that someone was recording the gift offer from Garrett to Lala and the other homeless man to be placed in the social media site Twitter.

The story ran on Twitter which made Garrett Johnson an example of what a college student athlete should behave when they attend any school or university around the world.

Just for the record, there are many sports stars who after basketball games donate their sneaker to a lucky fan who attended the basketball game as a souvenir.


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