Showdown at Berlin Marathon

Big showdown at 2017 BMW Berlin Marathon, which just happens to be September 24th, we have five elites: Eliud Kipchoge, Kenenisa Bekele, Wilson Kipsang; former world record holder Patrick Makau, and 2007 World Champion Luke Kibet, battling it out against each other. Berlin Marathon, which is one of the six marathon majors, along with Tokyo, Boston, London, Chicago, and New York Marathon, is known for its flat profile and even course has produced the most marathon world records for men and women, and for six years straight, it has been the site for the world leading men’s time, which was 2:02:57 ran by Dennis Kipruto Kimetto in 2014.

As for these five elites, they bring a lot to the table, and I will share their most recent amazing performances leading up to Berlin Marathon. Eliud Kipchoge, which is one of my personal favorites came 25 seconds short of breaking the 2-hour marathon barrier at Breaking 2, which is where Eliud attempted to break the 2- hour mark for marathon. Kenenisa Bekele, and Wilson Kipsang competed in last year’s Berlin Marathon, with Wilson Kipsang coming in 2nd place overall running 2:03:13 and Kenenisa’s taking 1st place running 2:03:03. Wilson’s most recent performance was at this year’s Tokyo Marathon, where he finished 1st place overall running a course record of 2:03:58. Kenenisa’s most recent performance was at this year’s London Marathon, where he finished 2nd place overall running 2:05:57. Patrick Makau, who is no stranger to Berlin Marathon as well participated in the event in 2011, and ran the course in 2:03:28. Patrick who is the previous record holder, before his record being broken by the now record holder Dennis Kipruto Kimetto. Patrick’s most recent performance in the marathon was Fukuoka Marathon in Japan, where he ran a 2:08:57 with a 2nd place overall finish. He was the returning champion of that race, I might add, winning it in 2014, and 2015. And finally, we have Luke Kibet! Luke Kibet is a gold medalist at the 2007 World Championships in Athletics, which was the first Kenyan marathon victory at the World Championships since Douglas Wakiihuri in 1987.

Deep elite marathon field at this year’s BMW Berlin Marathon, and as you see; all five of these elites bring many different impressive resume’s to this year’s race. As a runner, I’m very excited, and look forward to watching live on television or streaming live online.

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