Oliveira defeats Lee with the guillotine choke


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the only major sporting event that was being shown around the world was the UFC Fight Night Brasilia event.  Being that this was the only show in town, the lightweight (155 lbs) main event between Kevin Lee and Charles Oliveira was destined to deliver a good fight.  Since it was the only sports event on Saturday, then there was nothing else to compare it to.

All sarcasm aside for now because the fight was pretty good.  The first round provided back-and-forth striking with a cool flying kick by Oliveira being the highlight.  In the second round, Lee was able to mix things up and controlled the last half of the round with wrestling control.

However, Lee became too complacent in the third round when he rushed to secure a single leg takedown, but left his head too far down.  Oliveira was able to put the arm around his neck and pull Lee to the ground for the guillotine choke.  Lee tapped and the fight was over except for Lee.  Lee was still trying to wrestle even after Oliveira was looking to stand up to celebrate the victory.  Being this dazed and confused was foreshadowed by the fact that Lee missed weight by two and a half pounds at Friday’s weigh-in.


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