Ate a grape from Gilbert


Gilbert Burns is on an absolute tear after moving up to the welterweight (170 lbs) division.  At the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Fight Night event in Brasilia, Brazil, Burns was able to secure a first-round TKO against Demian Maia.  This win will catapult Burns into the top ten rankings at welterweight.

The fight started out pretty even on the feet as Burns was wary of being taken down by Maia, who is one of the best jiujitsu practitioners to ever be in the UFC.  However, Maia was able to take Burns down and was working for rear naked choke.  

Nevertheless, Burns was able to slip out when Maia attempted to transfer to full mount.  Once the fight went back on to the feet, Burns let everything go.  Burns caught Maia with a left hook that dropped Maia.  The punch was so good that Burns was waiting for the referee to stop the fight, but the ref did not stop the fight.  Then, Burns hit Maia about 15 times in a row to end the bout.

Burns let out screams of joy because he was able to defeat a grappling legend without being submitted.  You can hear the shouting because the fight had to be done in an empty arena amid the worldwide coronavirus outbreak.


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