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Ighalo wonder goal


Manchester United defeated LASK in Austria 5-0 Thursday evening in the first leg of the UEFA Europa League Knockout Round of 16.  The first goal scored by United was from newly-signed striker Odion Ighalo.  Ighalo was signed after attacker Marcus Rashford was injured for the season.

He received a pass from Bruno Fernandes in the 28th minute right outside of the penalty area.  He volleyed the ball back and forth three times before sending a booming shot into the top left-hand corner.  Check out this wonder goal for yourself at about 45 seconds on the video.


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      • You cannot imagine what we are living in Spain, the president declared the state of emergency, we are not allowed to leave our homes unless we have to buy food or walk the dog. This is horrible. The NBA will be resumed in June, I saw one NBA player who had coronavirus touching the microphones of journalists. I do not know if it was funny at all

        • Yeah, that was real bad humor from Rudy Gobert, but he’s from France. It is bad. Fortunately, you have leaders in Spain that are doing things instead of what’s going on in the USA. Are you able to take your classes at home?

          • Yes, everything is fine with that. We are going to suffer a lot because the virus is really powerful in Madrid and it was detected late. You can have coronavirus but not knowing it as symptoms do not appear immediately so you can be living a normal life and be infecting other people. Donald Trump dismissed a leading team created by Obama to combat pandemic viruses, you have to ask him now why he did that. Now you have a celebrity who is not and has never been a politician before leading a pandemic crisis. People who are not professional politicians should not be presidents, it is dangerous.

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