Haaland hat trick in Dortmund debut


Over the past year, 19 year old striker Erling Haaland has become one of the newest superstars in soccer.  He put himself on everyone’s radar when he scored nine goals in one game during this past summer’s Under-20 World Cup.  Then, in a half-season with Red Bull Salzburg in Austria, he scored 16 domestic goals in 14 games and scored eight goals in six Champions League games.

After his barrage of goals in the second half of 2019, Borussia Dortmund signed Haaland to a twenty million euro contract in order to help the team in the Bundesliga and in the Champions League.  He proved his worth immediately with a hat trick in Dortmund’s 5-3 victory on the road against FC Augsburg.

In the 55th minute, Augsburg was cruising with a 3-1 lead.  For some dumb reason, Dortmund’s coach did not have Haaland starting this match.  Finally, he had a epiphany and substituted Haaland into the game at the 56th minute.  Haaland scored his first goal with Dortmund the first time he touched the ball in the 59th minute.  Then, he scored again in the 70th minute and in the 79th minute to put the score at 5-3.  

Dortmund would have lost the game over a coach’s dumb decision to not start Erling Haaland.  Hopefully, he learned his lesson for the rest of this season.


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