Haaland scores two more goals


Borussia Dortmund new signee Erling Haaland scored two more goals off of the bench in the second half to give them a 5-1 victory over Cologne in the Bundesliga.  In only two games for Borussia Dortmund, Haaland has scored five goals already.

To see his two goals, go to about 4:30 on the above video.  The first goal that he scored was on a deflection.  The second goal was a work of brilliance because he beat the goalkeeper to the ball, but Haaland was about to go out of bounds on the right side of the goal.  He was able to stop the ball before it crossed the line and kicked the ball into the goal with his other foot.

This type of scoring ability is quite rare because he has scored 33 goals so far this season.  The sky is the limit for this young man because he is 19 years old.


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