Fishing on Lake St. Andrew

Robin Biznis Belgrade, Serbia

Wednesday August 29.2018

Early morning around 5:00 pm, my neighbors and I go by car to fishing.

In 1991, my neighbor Misho remained paralyzed in the war between the Serbs, Muslims and Croats.It’s tied for a wheelchair. And yet he drove me through his specialized car to fish.

The place we went to is called Belo Blato.Engl. White Swampy.

There is one of the largest commercial ponds in Europe.

Her name is Ecka and she is famous for breeding the carp.

We traveled about 45 km to Ečka and then to a small lake where private fishing is allowed.

This lake is called St. Andrew.

The first photo was created after six o’clock in the morning.

I photographed the same place at different times.

As the sun climbed, the appearance of the lake changed.

It seems that he began to blow the wind by the waves on the surface of the water.There were also white clouds in the sky.

There was no catch on that day Carp. We saw him throwing himself out of the water.

He(Carp) bathes, jumps out of the water and therefore does not take food.

Yet we still had a little Prussiancarp

and brown bullhead,

lat.Ameiurus nebulosus.

Before I left, I went to wash my hands. There was a small green frog  waiting for me to wish me a happy trip.

When it was about an hour afternoon, we slowly packed up and headed back to Belgrade.

Although we did not catch the carp, however, we returned to the good mood.

And here is our humble catch.

Enough to have dinner with my neighbor and me.



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