Day 1 of the Winter Olympics 2018

Saturday, February 10, 2018

I woke up at 10 am, but the Olympic Games started at noon. The TV was turned on while I was checking out different internet sites.

At 1 pm, I watched the Men’s Luge. Germany’s Loch beats Austria, Italy, Austria’s Kindl, and USA’s Morris and USA’s Mazdzer. The top three are Germany’s Loch, Austria, and OAR (Russia—since Russia was disqualified this Olympics from competing because of the last Olympic’s steroid use, Russian athlete will compete under Olympic. If they win, then it won’t be for Russia.

Norway is predicted to do well in Alpine Skiing because the Norwegians, as well as Scandinavian in general, are historically fighting Vikings.

Men’s Snowboarding Snow Style includes Norway, Canada, New Zealand, Sweden, and USA. Canada’s McMorris beats Norway’s Sandbech. USA’s Gerard is in 2nd place while USA’s Mack is in 5th place. When Canada’s Parrot makes it to 1st place, USA Gerard goes to 3rd place and USA’s Mack goes to 9th place. McMorris makes it to 2nd place. Therefore, the top three are Parrot, McMorris, and Gerard.

Men’s Slope Style Snowboarding Run 2 continues for the Final. Norway’s Sandbech is in 1st place. USA’s Gerard struggled on his landing. Canada’s McMorris moves up to first place. Norway’s Kleveland is in 4th place. Canada’s Parrot messed up. In Run 3, Norway’s Sandbech falls on his landing and he goes down to 2nd place. Canada’s Toutant also falls on landing. USA’s Gerard makes it into first place. Canada’s McMorris falls, but he makes it to 3rd place. Norway’s Kleveland makes it to 4th place. Canada’s Parrot does well with a score of 86.00, putting him in 2nd place. Therefore, USA’s Gerard wins gold medal, Canada’s Parrot wins silver medal, and Canada’s McMorris wins bronze medal. Norway’s Sandbeck is in 4th place.

Men’s Short Track 1500M Final involves four skaters—China, Korea, USA, and Latvia. China is leading until Canada takes over, and then Korea is leading. But the final three are China wins the race, followed by Korea and then Canada.

Men’s 1500 M race with 9 skaters: the race starts out with two Canadians and OAR leading the race. Korea jumps into 2nd place, followed by Netherland. Then, two Koreans are leading in first and second place. Netherland suddenly jumps into first place. The final top three are Korea in first place, followed by Netherland and then OAR.

At 3 pm, I have a two-hour break until 5 pm, in which Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir will host the figure skating.

Pairs Short Dance Tech score started with the Zionist Israel’s Tanikova/Zilberberg, Germany’s Lorenz/Polizoakis, and Japan. The top three are Canada, Germany, and Japan. Germany was in first place with tech score of 56.88, and then Korea and France performed. Japan’s Muramoto/Reed is in 1st place, but Canada’s Virtue/Moir take over Japan’s Muramoto/Reed and USA’s Shibutani Siblings into 1st place. Italy’s Cappellini/Lanotte move down to 4th place, Japan moves to 5th place, and France moves to 6th place. OAR’s Bobrova/Soloviyev moves into 3rd place.

The Women’s Short Track 1500M Final race involved four skaters—China, USA, Korea, and Kazakhstan. China wins followed by USA, and then Korea.

Women’s Short Program starts with USA’s Bradie Tennell. She has a score of 68.94, which puts her in 1st place as the score to beat. France’s Mae Meite messes up, which gives her a low score. Germany’s Nichol Schmott does better than France. Korea’s Choi moves into 2nd place with score 65.73. Italy’s Carolina Kostner takes over into first place with score 75.10. Japan’s MiYahara makes it to 2nd place with score 68.95, beating USA’s Bradie Tennel. Canada’s Kaetlyn Osmond moves into 2nd place with score 71.38. OAR’s Medvedeva takes over into 1st place with the highest score of 81.06, which isn’t surprising. Therefore, the top 8 are OAR, then Italy, Canada, Japan, USA, Korea, China, and then Germany.

Men’s 1500M Final involves 9 speed skaters in this race. At first OAR and Canada are leading, before Korea and Netherland join Canada in the lead. But the winner is Korea’s Lim, who wins a gold medal, Netherland’s Knegt wins silver medal, and OAR’s Elistratov wins bronze medal.

Women’s 500M involves four women speed racing.  Great Britain, China, and France start out in the lead, but France starts to lag and Korea moves ahead until Great Britain’s Christie wins, followed by China Qu and Korea’s Shim. In the second race, USA’s Binay races China and Korea. China wins the race, followed by USA’s Binay, and Korea. This race will conclude tomorrow.

Pairs Free Skate started out with Japan’s Suzaki/Kihara. Italy’s Marchei/Hotarek moves into 1st place. USA’s Alexa and Chris Knierim, a married couple, moved into 2nd place. Canada’s Duhamel/Radford makes it into 1st place with a high score. OAR’s Zabiyako/Enbert makes it into 3rd place. The top three pairs are Canada, and then Italy, followed by OAR. The Pairs Free Skate will conclude tomorrow for medals.


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