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Conor McGregor Punching Old Man in Head in Whiskey Dispute


A video released this past week shows former UFC champion Conor McGregor wreaking havoc in a pub in Dublin, Ireland.  The incident occurred back in April, but the footage just came to light.

In the video, McGregor is doing some marketing for his whiskey that is called Proper 12.  He is giving each patron a glass so that he can then share a shot of whiskey with everyone in the tavern.  However, one elderly guy sitting at the bar passes his glass down to someone else.  Instead of pouring whiskey for everyone else in the bar, McGregor clocks the guy in the face with a straight left.

The old guy took the punch like a champ because he did not even flinch.  He just turned around and started drinking again.  McGregor was escorted out of the bar.  I guess that’s why McGregor has not fought in about a year.  If he cannot knock out an elderly man, then he has lost plenty of power in his hands.


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