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Cliff Climbing in the Dordogne, France: Josh & me

In 2015 while visiting the famed French gardens at Marqueyssac we discovered that a one-kilometre horizontal climb along the cliff-face was freely available for visitors. Of course Josh and I jumped at the opportunity! It sure got the adrenalin pumping, and nobody better for it than me and my lad. 

These photos were taken during the relatively easy parts of the climb. As you can imagine, during the hairier sections, I had neither the free hand nor the attention to spare, to be taking pictures with my phone!  We enjoyed the climb so much that we returned a couple of days later to repeat the experience 🙂 

Josh constantly argued that we limit ourselves unnecessarily, and he was always ready for new experiences. My son, my friend, Joshua Darlington (2000–2017).


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  1. Wow Norman. What memories you have. That is all we have left and like you, it just does
    not seem possible they are gone. Precious memories, what would we do without them.
    And a handsome young man he was Norman. Hold onto these times and they will see
    you through. I actually noticed your new profile pic and have not taken the time to comment.
    Thank you for sharing Josh with us.


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