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2019 NFL Draft Review – Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens had to fill roster spots at wide receiver due to the many veterans at the position that were eligible for free agency.  Brown and Boykin will play right away and will make many catches next season.  Brown has the perfect size to play as the slot receiver, but he is also fast enough to line up on the outside as well.  Boykin has the size and the athleticism to become the primary red zone target for the Ravens, but he also has the speed to go past defenders on the outside.  (I am rooting for Boykin because he is from the same town that I reside in.)

Ferguson proved to be a consistent pass-rushing threat over the past three years in college.  He will be given a chance to come around the edge for Baltimore right from the jump.  Hill adds depth to the running game as more running backs are needed to complement the style of QB Lamar Jackson.  Powers will battle for a starting spot on the interior of the offensive line.

Marshall is a tall corner that will help defend against taller wide receivers.  Last season, the Ravens had trouble stopping the run up the middle.  Well, that will change now by putting Mack smack dab in the middle of the defensive line.  McSorley will be allowed time to develop behind Jackson as the backup QB.  McSorley is a dual threat whenever he touches the ball.

Grade:  Even though the Ravens did not have a second round pick, they potentially picked 3 or 4 guys that will start right away.  My grade is an A.

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