2019 NBA Draft Review: Miami Heat

The Miami Heat is a team that is currently in transition.  Dwyane Wade, one of the greatest players in NBA history, has now retired.  C Hassan Whiteside was traded to the Portland Trail Blazers.  In an effort to remain in the playoff race for this season, the Heat traded for Jimmy Butler.  However, the depth was depleted due to these various transactions.  Fortunately, Miami had a pick in the NBA Draft.  Let’s take a look at who the Heat selected.

#13 Tyler Herro – SG – Kentucky.  6’6″, 192 lbs.  (14.0 ppg, 4.5 rpg, 35.5 3-pt%)

Herro’s claim to fame is his jumper.  His confidence is through the roof to the point that he lets you know, “I’m a bucket.”  His shooting style fits into the new trend of the NBA because he is capable of shooting 3-pointers from either a set position or off of the dribble.  His potential will be through the roof because his development from the one season at Kentucky was monumental.

At the start of his freshman season, he was more of a stationary target on offense and was horrible on defense.  By the end of the season, he was a legitimate perimeter scorer with improved defense.  He will have plenty of open shots because Butler is one of the best iso players in the NBA.  Since opposing defenses will key in on Butler, Herro will have a chance to make a positive impact for the Miami Heat.

Also, his mental toughness will be a strong asset as he adjusts to the NBA.  He actually received death threats from Wisconsin fans after he committed to Kentucky.  People are cowards and I am glad that Herro is still alive to live out his dream to play in the NBA.

Grade:  Herro will help out immediately off of the bench for the Heat.  I give Miami a B+.

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