Weather Manipulation is Weaponized

Wednesday, 10.11.17, after 7 pm. It is getting dark early here…

While on my Facebook page, I noticed a lot of videos about chemtrails suddenly popping up on my page. When I later went to YouTube, I stumbled upon this video about weather manipulation. So, signs are telling me to promote this video.

This video proves that the weather is being manipulating to create manmade disasters worldwide for the depopulation agenda. For one thing, most of these so-called disasters seem to happen at areas populated with poor people who aren’t able to properly defend themselves and escape. So, it is obvious that the Zionists are hoping to mass murder a large group of them to lessen the population, whether Katrina in Louisiana, Haiti, Africa, recent disasters, included the Mexico earthquake.

The Illuminati or Zionists are “weaponizing” weather manipulation technology for this continual war on humans, whether wars in other countries or war on Americans. This is probably WW3—better known as the worldwide depopulation war for the New World Order agenda.


What do you think?


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