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The Twelve Apostles in Australia

I simply must share these photographs.  I found them at a website that provides free images and they request that you mention the photographer’s name as a courtesy.  Not a problem.

I am so excited about this because it was an accidental find.  I was searching for something else and found this wondrous place on planet earth.  Australia is on my dream travel bucket list.  One of my Facebook friends shared an information link that tells me all about this place.

This rock formation was named “The Twelve Apostles” because it used to be 12 of them.  It’s down to 8 now.  Perhaps we could blame climate change or maybe it’s just nature taking its course.

At any rate, I’m glad talented photographers are capturing them before the rocks all disappear!

Info Source and Featured Image Credit:  The Twelve Apostles, Australia | Geology Page

That photo with the blue and pink sunlight from heaven shining?  It’s my favorite!


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