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The Move

My parents move from one of the most beautiful places on the planet, Northen Montana (pictured on the right), to Vernal Utah, Pictured below

Now my dad grew up with sagebrush and I guess it has it’s beauty, but really? On our last trip right after Christmas, we got to that place covered with sagebrush and he announced he was back in paradise. We didn’t agree and we reminded him that we are certain you can see the end of the world from Vernal, Utah.  (The sky looks okay in this picture, but nothing like Glacier Park. We never really understood the move.

They said it was to be closer to us. Well, they were, but we visited them more often when they were farther away for many years. (Once you’ve had a glance at the dinosaurs and end of the world, there aren’t many reasons to go back.)

Our last trip to Vernal will probably be for the funeral. I can’t imagine we will ever return. 

I guess it became a home for him and Mom. It was never our home.

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  1. I am certain I am going to mess it up at the funeral! I am going to open my mouth. No wait, I have to practice over and over and so I don’t say he moved to the end of the world. (Really I am sure I can see it from there.)

  2. when I was six my parents moved from Chicago (my favorite place on earth then) to Bloomington Indiana.
    4 million fellow Chicago residents to
    40,000 Hoosiers. Bloomington got bigger, my mom still lives there).
    But my home is Chicago.

    I understand!

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