The Fact About A Woman’s Yawn Can Yawn Others Too

“Did you ever feel yawning when seeing someone’s yawn?” I do think that most of you had experienced this unavoidable yawn with someone’s presence. “Have you ever wondered why?” The good thing, there is the answer for it. The reason for such a magic spell of yawning is due to a high level of empathy, especially for women’s population.

According to the research at Pisa University in Italy, the contagious yawning is commonly seen in women. It was being evident that the rate of yawning is equal to both genders. It might be contradicting to the emotional state between men and women. The finding is so significant that women are more empathetic in nature and it influences others to yawn if done involuntarily.

Further research, women found out to be good at mimicking the facial reactions of people surrounds them. They can easily image copying other’s way of thinking at a particular time. The spearhead of the team supervised by Elisabetta Palagi. They had observed people without giving notice in five years span. Due to these findings that yawn incurred within 3 minutes as a chain reaction. It has been noted in the article of Royal Society Open Science and defined the word “yawn” as “involuntary sequence of mouth opening, deep inspiration, brief apnea, and slow expiration.”

It was also emphasized that women can easily influence others to yawn due to emotional attachment. They can able to feel the thinking of others. It was like completing the incomplete sentence. It seems to radiate the message to others. The contagious yawning is also shown in animals. The closest mammals as related to human beings.

In contrast to the findings, the empathetic emotional state is far evident to men as claimed by the experts before. In terms of yawning, the reason why it was being experienced is due to the lack of oxygen in the human’s brain. With the latest research, there is the definite answer why yawning is so contagious and the power commonly done by women.

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