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The Balkans tremble from the earthquake.

Robin Biznis November 27..2018 Belgrade, Serbia

It started with a volcano a few days ago in Italy.Then there was a 3.6-magnitude earthquake in the small town of Djakovica in Kosovo, on the Richter scale.And then on November 26 in the vicinity of Drac , Albania, at about 4 a.m., the first and ever strongest earthquake hit.It was 6.4 degrees Richter scale.Most people slept, it was early morning.They were not even aware of what was happening to them.In the last 40 years, this has been the strongest earthquake in Albania.This was followed by over 250 minor earthquakes in the following days.For now, it is known that the death toll is 29 and the number of injured is about 650 people.Many countries in the region and the world have offered their assistance.Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama thanked all the countries that offered help.He also declared a state of emergency as well as a day of mourning.

I do not recommend the video to be viewed by sensitive persons and minors.

Also shocking are the scenes and stories coming from Drac,  Tirana and other places.This earthquake was felt all over the Balkans.My daughter lives on the 7th floor in Belgrade and felt the earthquake.I’m in the pivot downstairs.But the residents of Greece, Macedonia, and Bulgaria also felt.The next day there was an earthquake in Bosnia and Herzegovina.The collision of tectonic plates in our region is obvious.The power of nature has once again shown its strength.


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