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Science was never my favorite subject in school.  It is also not my favorite topic to write posts or articles about.  But I do enjoy reading what others publish about science and nature.  I get particularly fascinated when the content sheds light on mysteries scientists have been exploring but are still baffled.  That’s why the first post below caught my eye.  Since that was so interesting I decided to look for more posts by the same writer.  The one about the horses?  I’ve always thought that horses were sensible creatures.  But her post explained the science behind it.  Her quiz about chemistry made me think about my high school chemistry teacher.  My teacher I remember.  It’s the chemistry I forgot!  LOL.  Shining the spotlight on Maggie Bailey.

NOTE:  For all my vegan friends, Maggie has posts with vegan recipes.  Carrot balls, Spanish stuffed peppers, etc.  I’m not even vegan and I want to try them.  🙂


5 Of The Top Mysteries That Baffle Science


Recent Scientific Research Proves That Horses Can Communicate with Humans


How Much Do You Know About Chemistry?

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