Simple Pleasures; Just for Fun

Call me goofy if you want. But here lately, I have learned to re-discover beauty and joy in the strangest of places.

Beauty is where beauty is and I have re-discovered the beauty in a field, here in the middle of nowhere.

Most see these as weeds. Well it's only a weed if they're unwelcome and these certainly seem welcome in their field.

Texas wildflowers might strike some as boring but me, I like their simplicity.

The morning glory in the original picture wants to say hi, too. 

Morning, Glory.

And meeting one Morning Glory leads to the others, of course. 

What are the wildflowers like where you live?

What do you think?

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Written by DonaldPennington

I finally fought off a years-long drug addiction and I am on my way to living some stories of my own.


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