Roundup not so pleasant to Mt. Pleasant man


Lawsuits are being litigated all over the United States of America against Bayer AG ever since the pharmaceutical company bought Monsanto last year.  The reason for all of these cases against Bayer is due to the weed killer manufactured by Monsanto known as Roundup.  Glyphosate, one of the chemicals in Roundup, has been proven to cause cancer.

In Mt. Pleasant, SC, a man filed a lawsuit last week against the company after he was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma in 2017.  He had used Roundup for his yard since 1980.  If Roundup had a warning label on their product stating that glyphosate was a carcinogen, then the users would have been more cautious in its application.  As a result, a man in South Carolina is not too pleasant because he used Roundup.


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