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Rocky Trail up to Whiteface Mountain

We are at Whiteface Mountain just North East of Lake Placid in the Northern Adirondacks. You can access Whiteface Mountain by going up the cable cars to semi near the top, or drive to the other side of the mountain to a paid access road. This road is long and winding with great views of the countryside as you drive up. It stops almost above the tree line and you park.  In the past you could go deep in a tunnel and up an elevator to the peak and weather station.  The elevator had been down for a long time, so the only way up to the top summit is to walk and climb.

The trail starts up with rocky stairs to lull you into thinking it is easy, but then quickly giving way to huge granite boulders and a steep path. The trail goes right along a top ridge line falling steeply away on either side. They have put steel railings on both sides to keep people in and it was quite a thrilling hike.


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