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Rare Purple Blooms

I have had three Rose of Sharon bushes in my yard for 12 years now. They always produce white blooms with a pink center. For years now. Yesterday after a big thunderstorm and lots of rain I noticed these purple blooms. Of course I grabbed my camera and took lots of pictures. Cannot explain it.

I know with my Hydrangea the color of the blooms can change due to the acid in the soil. But I have never heard of this happening with the Rose of Sharon. They are also in the Hibiscus family. But I am perplexed. Has anyone had this happen? These flowers have been around for as long as I can remember. In fact my Grandmother always had them looking in her yard. But she too had the white blooms. Whatever the reason I will enjoy the purple for as long as possible. Nature has surprised me once again.


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Written by Carol DM


  1. Yes, they can change colors! For years we had the same row of white Hibiscus , no red or pink centers, just the pure white ones. Two years ago they turned a pale white pink. This year they are indeed a pink color bordering on red. I didn’ know this could happen either. Its pretty though, i like it.