Pelargonium Peltatum

Is there any one of you who loves flowers, and never had a fly. Hardly? The muskatato is transmitted almost by inheritance. You get a house in a village by grandmother and grandfather and she goes with cats, dogs, old walnut trees and at least one pot with a fly. You know that at every Bulgarian wedding part of the ritual is the bride to kick a man in which there are inflorescence. If a white flower pops out of the cane – the first child will be a girl if it is red – a boy.

It is a perennial small shrub with mosses, fleshy leaves with kidney shape. The flowers are inflorescence and are dyed in all sorts of colors – starting with white, pink, purple, bright red, and getting through all shades to the carmine. It has flowing colors, with colorful leaves, hanging, protruding … There are so many species and hybrids selected that the world can turn you around. They count over 400 and are divided into several main groups. For us lovers it is important to know that the crickets known as Ampelin – Pelargonium peltatum.

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