Octopus is a Space Creature not Groundwater – Scientist Claim

33 scientists around the world claim that the ocean creatures octopus is a space creature that has reached the ground through a starved star.

An interesting report has been published in the Scientific Journal Progress in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, in which the ocean creatures octopus has been called space creatures. In this report, experts have claimed that the octopus’s eggs came to the ground through syrup by a cold star. The awesome form of octopus and extraordinary dimensions also show it closer to the creation of space.

The research paper states that in the early times of the earth, when viruses, microbes and small lives were being created, at the time, octopus’s eggs reached the ground through some syrup. The majority of scientists have controversed the theory published in March and they do not seem to agree with anyone in any way, but the discussion is continuing.

Scientists says that the ability to change octopus shape, light scattering and strange eyes prove that this animal is not groundwater, but there is still much research in this regard.


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