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Night Beauty Of My City

I captured  this night view on a hill. It’s  look amazing.its seems that many candles are brightening.Day and Night both are blessing  of the God.Day shine give us hope,happiness, success,sometimes  difficulties in our life . Night for comfort and absorb bitter moments in it’s darkness.when we fell asleep,we are free from every grief.I can’t understand, why people blame black colour,black night, black day etc…Black night hide many dirt,ugliness and sins in its darkness.Black and white are not comparable by good and bad .we should not compare ourselves by good( white) and bad(Black).sometime ,we can see stains on white but black hide the stains. Are you agree?Share your feeling  about that….


What do you think?

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Written by Hina Hamid


  1. We live in a life of duality which has created various symbols which are then identified as reality, including black and white, day and night, etc. and I also do not agree that black or night is identified with evil.