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Nature Tuesday – Nature Study

My first introduction to science was “Nature study”, our teacher took us outside as a class and took us to look at something that was not manicured in the school grounds and showed us some plants that were there, named them.

What is “Nature”? It is natural and covers a wide range of mother earth for plant to animals to birds or humans. Natural to our earth so here is a range 

The first is a view from Onehunga beach looking on to Onehunga wharf on to a boat that is so rusty that it is a part of the whole scene. 

I cant sum up and put together everything but here are a few images of nature

Nature is living.

#1 White Eye outside the window.

They are seeking something on the bark of this tree.

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#2 Monarch Butterly

Newly hatched this morning, it's wings are still soft so I am waiting for its wings to harden so it can survive outside

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#3 A garden of fruit, herbs, vegetables and many weeds.

Also includes flowers and a garden hose that is man made

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#4 Pied Stilts and a Pied Shag off Onehunga Beach

The Pied Stilts are nervous birds

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#5 Kingfisher bird

Taken in the Waikato region

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#6 Onehunga Sunset

Taken 3 days ago, sunsets always remind me to appreciate life and its free viewing to enjoy

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What do you think?

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