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Natural wealth more valuable than oil, gas and coal

The first of the natural treasures that one encounters in his life is the water. Water becomes an indivisible companion of man for life.

It is a symbol of life, the environment in which all the biological reactions take place and without which life on Earth is unthinkable.

And if humanity genuinely wants to preserve the diversity of the Earth’s life forms and save our planet from global disasters and cataclysms, it must do more to preserve and clean the planet’s water resources.

Water is absolutely necessary for the living organism. Regular intake of sufficient fluids is much more important than adequate food intake because without water one can only survive for a few days without food – a week or even a month.

Water serves to dissolve nutrients, transport them to cells, it is an intracellular environment for the flow of waste products from the metabolism of substances outside the body.

Fresh water is necessary for everything living, it is an integral part of ecosystems and the most important component for achieving sustainable development.

It is not possible to point out another substance with such diverse and wide application as the water, and the fresh water, which is actually an unnecessary amount of water; it is enough for mankind and its needs, thanks to its amazing property, to make an everlasting circular process.

For man, water is more valuable natural wealth than oil, gas, coal, since it is indispensable.

Undoubtedly, one of the most astonishing substances on Earth – the water, still contains many unknown magical properties for man to study and use science for the benefit of mankind.

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