Muriwai Beach part 2 – Meet some Muriwai Gannets!

There is a Gannet Colony on Muriwai Beach. I will have more about this colony later, however here are some out standing pilots of the Bird World.

Gannets are bold, brave and clever and gifted. They are also one of the fastest fliers and best swimmers. If Gannets could they would be the best swimming intructors, but we don’t have the equipment they do.

I don’t know if their parents teach them to fly, but every thing they do in this life is risky business! Just to catch a fish.

Gannets dive headfirst and move at least 170 miles an hour. They then catch the fish with speed. They paddle with their feet to get a fish. Gannets are made with inbuilt crash helmets to survive hitting the water at that speed and they have at least 2 eye lids to preserve their eyes.


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Written by Pamela Moresby

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