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More beautiful sunsets.

I do love sunsets.  And I have seen many beautiful sunsets from other people on Virily.  Just recently, we have been having lots of grey clouds here in England, so not been getting very many sunsets.  So when I was at work the other day and I saw this sunset, I decided to whip my phone out and take a picture.  I am very lucky in the fact that where I work is very close to the river, so I have some lovely views.  It’s quite a wide river, as you can see.

As the sun is going down, you’ve got the silhouette of the trees and houses in the background, which I particularly liked the look of.  I find it very calming working so close to the river.  It’s very peaceful, and usually only get the sounds of the birds and gulls as they fly past, or are resting on the water.  Also when the boats and ships go past, it’s very nice to see.


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