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Magic flower

Geranium macrorrhizum – Zdravets is a beautiful plant that has previously been found in every yard or garden. In the past this plant has been very popular with the Bulgarian people. It has been found in every Bulgarian National Revival court along with the boxwood and some other plants.

Zdravets spread the aroma in almost all the Bulgarian house. And this lovely plant has been part of the Bulgarian folk tradition, being a symbol of health, prosperity, youth and long life.


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Written by Olga N


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  1. That is really beautiful. The color is radiant! I looked it up to see if I could imagine its fragrance and it said the essential oil is expensive but it gave the following description: “The balanced nature of its overall aromatic profile- mellow, subtle yet rich and radiant is what makes it a perfect crucible in which a diverse range of other aromatic essences can unite.” It must smell wonderful. Nice post! 🙂

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