Do you know how many waves there are in the sea?

I love to watch when the sea is excited. How the waves play their game. They break into the rocks. They leave the sea and paint very beautiful paintings. With thousands of scattered droplets of water and foam. I wanted to learn something interesting about the waves. I found information at bg.wikipedia.org. I want to share it with you.The seas are almost continuously subjected to surface excitement caused by the wind. Sea waves can travel thousands of kilometers before reaching a beach. Their size varies from a wide range of small capillary waves to high-wavewave elevations and sudden killer waves. The main factors influencing wave formation are the speed and duration of the wind, the dimensions of the water surface over which it blows, and the depth of the water. Capillary waves appear on a smooth water surface when the wind comes in, but disappear quickly after the wind stops. Their behavior is determined by surface tension. Typical sea waves are larger and form a longer-lasting wind action. They stay much longer, even after the wind stops, and their oscillation is maintained by gravity. With prolonged propagation of these waves from the point of origin, they gradually decay along the wave direction and wave, forming persistent long wave elevations on the surface.An animated scheme showing the initial “withdrawal” of surface waterIn the offshore excitement, the so-called ” waves-killers, separate waves of height several times greater than others. They are dangerous to shipping due to their suddenness. At the same time, the highest recorded waves caused by the wind are not waves-killers, but ordinary waves in extreme weather conditions. The height of such waves may reach up to 30 m.  © Elenka Smilenova 2017 – All Rights Reserved


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