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January, 2018 has two full moons

This is my best shot of a full moon. I wanted to share it with you with an appropriate article to accompany her. what I found would be glad if you liked it. I found it at

Prepare for a brighter bright January, starred. This, usually dark and gloomy month, is now illuminated by two full moons this year, as we first watched last night between January 1 and January 2. This full moon awakens the energy traditionally associated with the full moon in January, the second full moon will be on the 31st – the Blue Moon.

If the first full moon is related to everything that will lay the foundation for the fruitful 2018, the second has a completely different influence. The moon, which refers to the second full moon and occurs in each calendar month, has long been associated with the divine feminine beginning and increased mental influence , but its spiritual association with which we associate it most is the second chance.

The blue moon will come to give you another opportunity to express your opinion before starting the new month. This final blast of lunar energy is definitely worthwhile to plan the future – especially given that February will not have a full moon.

This is a sign that if you postponed a big conversation or a project you did not manage on January 2, you still have to do this month. Full moons are a great time to deal with difficult truths and to remove the hidden feelings of light – why do you think they are so bright at last? Tell your opinion should not be difficult, but with the expressive energy of the moon on your side make it easier for you to find the right words.

So, if you have plans for some great ritual or night to take care of yourself, plan them for January 31, so that you can start February with a good charge and keep those vibrations until the next full moon on March 1st.

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  1. Great post, my friend. Hey, your tone this time is like a psychic, and that’s cool… Hehehe… I have also written about the full moon this year, but without describing its effect for us, this is special, Elenka!