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I am seeing spots!

A lot of spots and dots! 

My Molly Fish in the outdoor pond had babies. Some are what you call mottled, they look like a calico cat, while others look like piebald with splotches, and the rest are dalmatian Molly Fish. 

Since I have so many now, I am going to try to sell the fry. The tiny babies. Wish me luck. 

I went out to take pictures of them, and underwater pictures are very tough to get to come out clear with the camera I have. 

#3 The ones on the right are orange dalmations.

'The mom is pure white, the male was pure black, and they made these. 

I have always loved genetics. So interesting. 

Below are some spotted animal pictures I found. 

#4 The snow leopard.

#8 Have you seen any of these spotted moths were you live?


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