How important are coral reefs?

How important are the rainforests around the world, so is the coral reef of great importance not only for the sea creatures but also for all the others. Unfortunately, due to the increasing climate change, changes have taken place on the Great Coral Reef as well as on all other reefs. All reefs are having problems with increasing pollution, increasing industrial development and excessive hunting.

Numerous experts have been able to agree that Australia should make a bigger contribution to reducing pollution. The coral reef is a rich ecosystem thanks to which many species of marine species survive. Coral reefs represent marine ecosystems influenced by numerous factors such as water quality, tides, sea salt and wave energy. The man is increasingly influencing reefs by his actions: ignorance, lack of tolerance, and a lack of respect for these beautiful natural phenomena.

The coral reef is of great importance to the sea and the entire marine ecosystem, and although it only makes up 0.1% of the total ocean surface, there are about 25% of all marine species here. A Great coral reef is the best example of how important it is to keep such an ecosystem. Specifically, in this area, there are about 400 species of corals, and beside them 4,000 mollusks and 1,500 fish.

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