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Granat inspires love and dedication…

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The name derives from the Latin “granum” which means grain bar. A number of myths are associated with it. They were worn by crusaders, who believed they would light up the way home. In the Middle Ages almandian grenade was used for jewelry, as well as in churches and temple windows. In Italy it is called “widowed stone”, because the necklaces and coats of arms of the shells were carried by widows. In the East, the grenade is the most widespread and oldest talisman.

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Granat is a famous semi-precious stone of love and passion and for the treatment of cardiovascular and blood disorders.Granat inspires love and dedication. It balances sexual instinct and removes negative disharmony.

The bloody red grenade is the official Czech national gem, ranked among the best in the world. Czech garbage is a popular urban addition, and even consider it the best tourist shopping if you are buying jewelry in Prague.


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Written by Branka Drobnjak