Going Green

There is a lot being said about climate change and ways that we can be a part of the solution. I don’t think I will ever have plants growing on my roof. Our growing season is very short and it doesn’t seem practical. I am certainly not opposed to others doing it.

I would think you would have to purchase a specialized insurance package to cover the roof that is covered in plants and trees.  I do find the theory interesting.

It’s All About Green Roofs

We should all be concerned about keeping our planet clean and thriving. I don't go over the top and I will probably never have a roof covered with something growing. It doesn't seem practical where I live. However, I do find it interesting. I imagine in this dwelling it would be very dark.

Looks Like a Problem

I think this roof needs some reinforcement. It looks very much like there is too much weight and at any moment that tree could be inside the cabin. It is a beautiful area.

Reminds Me of Hunting Camp

Now this one seems a little more practical. Probably because I don't believe anyone lives in it full time. It's more like a cabin to get away from it all. I am glad there are no giant trees on the roof.

Sturdy and Safe

I am certainly not an engineer. This one looks quite sturdy to me and kind of unique.  I would spend the night is this one.

Get On Board

It looks like everyone in this village is on board and happy to be going green. (Or perhaps its a rule.) I have to wonder, do they ever get dandelions on their roof? 


What do you think?


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  1. i posted about this more than 4 years ago on Niume. Just a green roof can reduce the overall AC costs of a building by 10%.

    I argued, for a long time, that buildings over 10 stories should have a mandatory solar arry! That libraries and museums should be required to have a solar array.

    Green help. Solar helps., Wind Turbines help. We can do something!!!!

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