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Evening At Daytime

Weather is extremely  hot of my country.At noon,I m doing  my house job.There was sudden change happened .I switch on my house light because of evening at noon, how Intresting,sunny weather ‘ll  convert in dark clouds at once. Wind strom was blowing. 

Everyone was running to save their things. There  was so much noisy  sound coming everywhere. It was a fantastic  seen,when I captured dark clouds in my camera. Can you see a face in the clouds?I can see.

My kids team was with me at roof and enjoying  the beautifull weather.It seem that wind is flying me like kite.some loud voices  were  coming from 2nd portion  came down immediately. So ,we came down stairs and got wonderful insult by elders.never mind. Be happy always.can you search a   face in clouds? Share your comments  with me.


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Written by Hina Hamid

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