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Even a Praying Mantis Needs Love

As I was inspecting my garden one day, I decided to photograph my mullein plant. It was flowering, and I wanted to get a picture of the flowers. I almost didn’t see this praying mantis pair because it blended so well with the plant. After I took this photo, I decided to put the mantis pair on some Zazzle products. I can think of quite a few appropriate captions for this photo. Can you think of some? If you click the purple “Buy Now” button below the ads, you can see some of the products I made with this photo. Clicking doesn’t commit you to buying anything. You just get product information and previews.

Although I believe the mantis is quick when it comes to catching its prey, it’s a bit awkward when just moving from plant to plant. I suppose it was even harder for this poor mantis to reach the other plant when I was making this video because the wind was blowing and moving the plant stalks.

Praying mantises like to eat other insects, caterpillars, and each other. I guess it’s not surprising that they are loners. It’s not exactly safe to hang out with others of their kind. But they do a good job devouring insect pests from garden plants. So I appreciate them.

Which insect do you think is the most useful to man? The praying mantis, the ladybug, or the honey bee? Some other?


What do you think?


        • I suppose I’ll have to get a smartphone just for the camera and to us Instagram, though I’m not sure Instagram is a good enough reason. My camera is actually easier to carry and use, but I can’t upload to Instagram from my PC.

          • I suspect the real business case for a smartphone is less about uploading! I would argue that the GPS functionality in a smartphone makes it worthwhile. (always know where you are). Plus the camera to document events and of course, have access to text, phone and email wherever you are!